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We'll let you know when and where he's playing!

Who in the hell is Eric Sanson?

That's the biggest question, isn't it?  He's just some dude that loves to get behind an old guitar every once in awhile to do what he loves more than anything else in the world...sing a song or two for you.
Eric brings his pure country voice to the masses only a few times a year.  Mostly private parties and quiet venues.  "I just can't figure out how people my age party like they do every weekend.  Anymore, I'm down for a coffee shop environment!", Eric says.
Well, if you have ever read his Tip Jar you'd get a feel for what he means by that.  It says, "If you're louder than the singer, you're being an a$$hole."  

Fair warning, if you come out to a show and are talking about your crappy work day over top of his singing, you'll probably get called out on it!

"Eric Sanson is as big of a raw talent that I have ever heard in my life.  Why he's not doing big things is beyond me."

    ~ Steve Jenkins

Nashville Weekly

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New Album

Coming Soon!


Bourbon, Beer and Sad Country Songs is a 5 song EP that will be finished this spring.  There's some real heartache in this record as well as a great tune about addiction to another person whether it's good or bad for us.  Stay tuned!

Tour Dates 

The schedule is an evolution in progress!  Click HERE to see the latest venue!

Check this video out!  Eric covers a Reba tune!

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